How to knit

How to knit basic stitches

In this easy knitting tutorial, I’m going to show you the basic knitting stitches that you will need to start your first knitting project. These four simple kniting stitches will be enough to create beautiful garment pieces or anything you can imagine. You’ll learn how to cast on, knit, purl and cast off. Let’s start learning how to knit!

Cast on


This is the first thing you have to do when you start any knitting project. Casting on allows you to create the base for your next row of stitches.

1. Grab one needle and yarn. The end of the yarn should be facing you.

2. Wrap the yarn around the needle and grab with your fingers.

3. Twist your needle in the direction of your thumb.

4. Grab the yarn around your thumb with the needle.

5. Pull the yarn to the back.

6. Grab the yarn on the back with your needle.

7. Pull the yarn to secure the knot.

8. Your first two cast on are ready!

Knit stitch


The knit stitch is the most basic stitch of knitting. With only this stitch and the purl stitch you can make a lot of projects.

1. Insert your needle through the loop, the working yarn should be on the back of your needle.

2. Grab your working yarn.

3. Wrap it around your inserted needle.

4. Start pulling the yarn through the loop.

5. Pull the yarn through the loop.

6. Start sliding the loop from your left needle to the end of the needle.

7. Slide of the loop from the left needle.

8. Your first knit stitch is complete!

Purl stitch


The purl stitch is the counterpart of the knit stitch. When you knit, the stitch that forms on the back is a purl stitch. When you are working on the back of your piece, you usually purl.

1. Start with the back of your project facing you.

2. Insert the needle through the loop, your working yarn always on the front.

3. Grab your working yarn.

4. Wrap your yarn around the needle.

Step five of purl stitch

5. Start sliding the yarn through the loop.

Step six of purl stitch

6. Slide the yarn through the loop.

7. Start sliding off the loop from the left needle.

8. Your first purl stitch is complete!

Cast off


When you finish knitting your project, you have to cast off your stitches. That means finishing off a row and one by one removing a stitch from the needle.

1. Finish knitting all your rows.

2. Knit one stitch.

3. Knit another stitch.

4. Insert your left needle through the first loop of your right needle.

5. Start sliding the first loop over the second loop.

6. Slide the second loop under the first loop.

7. Slide off the second loop.

8. Your first cast off is complete!

Next steps

The key to mastering this beautiful hobby is to practice, so I encourage you to practice these basic knitting stitches and you’ll knit beautiful garments in no time.

If you feel like you already mastered how to knit these stitches, why not try some of these easy knitting projects: classic cardigan or cloud sweater.