A pair of knitting needles with knitting project in progress

Knitting is a hobby that anybody can learn, love and enjoy. When I started knitting I did it out of curiosity and was pleasantly surprised to find all the benefits it has. Besides being a fun activity, knitting has some incredible benefits, here are some of them:

Reduces stress and anxiety

This benefit is the most popular benefit known by people. When you are knitting, you get very focused on the task on hand and the repetitive motions of knitting that your mind forgets about other things that may worry you, reducing stress and anxiety.

Improves cognitive function

Studies show that the repetitive motion of knitting stimulates the brain and benefit cognitive functions as well as reducing the risk of developing Alzheimer and dementia. You are exercising your mind when you are knitting.

Encourages community

You can find knitting groups online or in your community with other fellow knitting lovers. You can build many friendships with people that share the same hobby as you. Being able to share your projects and continuously learn from others can bring a lot of joy and sense of community.

Improves concentration

Knitting can help with your concentration because you are focused on a task for a long period of time. It’s very easy to make mistakes while knitting if you’re not paying attention, so concentration is key. This can help you improve your concentration in general.

Creates sense of purpose and pride

When you start a knitting project, you set a goal that is completing the piece you’re knitting. Knitting allows us to set a goal and work towards it with small increments across time. When you finish knitting a project you get a sense of pride and happiness because you knitted something yourself that took many hours of effort and dedication.